Andrew Garvey

About Me


A software developer by trade; I got my start in the industry doing some on call assistance during school for HCK Logistics when assisting them in developing a freight brokerage application. Outside of that I have a Bachelor's in Computer Science from Laurentian University of Sudbury and have provided some IT assistance for custodial startup Brother's Maintennance.


Born in the United States, I am a dual citizen between the USA and Canada and have lived most of my life in the Greater Toronto Area. On my spare time I have a passion for video game development both on the software side and on the art side. While I have plenty of experience with Software, my artistic skills are something I've always wanted to brush up on, before I was interested in programming I was always drawing so it's sort of an old passion of mine that I would like to reignite. My first exposure to Programming was Computer Science class in Grade 11, since then the concept of creating elaborate systems from nothing has always fascinated me. When I go down to the States I mainly reside in Georgia and New York, there I have a large primary and extended family, it's pretty nice honestly.


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